Local California Hardwoods

California's Tanoak, Madrone and Black Oak hardwoods

California’s hardwood resource is comprised of more than 30 species. Of these, Tanoak, Madrone and Black Oak hardwoods are the most abundant.

The California Hardwood Industry, which is comprised of a mix of primary and secondary manufacturers, is rapidly affirming the economic potential that exists for native hardwoods.

Sales of hardwood lumber, flooring, pallet stock and fiber have been growing steadily. The working qualities of many California hardwoods are equal to or exceed those of many common eastern hard woods.

At the same time, the colors and patterns of these woods are as attractive as the exotic woods of Asia, Africa and South America.

Source: California Hardwoods Industry Initiative

California Tanoak

Tanoak is an abundant component of the Redwood/Douglas fir forests of Northern California. The Tanoak is not a true oak, although it belongs to the same family (Fagaceae) as the Oak genus.

Tanoak is the only one of over 100 species of Lithocarpus that is native to the Western Hemisphere. The Tanoak bears acorns, however the caps of the fruit appear more like the husks of the Chestnut. The leaves remain green year round.

A slow growing species with thick gray bark, Tanoak trees can reach heights of up to 100 feet. Trees 20 to 60 inches in diameter can be 100-150 years old.

The physical properties of Tanoak wood are very similar to those of Northern Red Oak. It is a light, golden brown wood with occasional natural stain. Its moderate texture has numerous broad rays that give it a conspicuous ray fleck on the radial surface. Thus, Tanoak can yield the conventional straight grain typical of other oaks, or a more patterned image that is as attractive as those found in exotic woods common to Asia, Africa and South America.

Because Tanoak is hard and resistant to abrasion, it is an excellent wood for flooring. And in addition, Tanoak makes an excellent choice for decorative veneer and high-quality furniture.

Tanoak Plank Flooring

Our 3” or 5” plank flooring is tongue and groove, so it can be installed using glue and/or nails. All our flooring is ¾” thick, solid, wood, and planks have both squared edges and squared ends to facilitate a very smooth floor.

Every single piece of the tanoak is hand selected, hand sawn, hand milled, hand stacked, hand checked and examined.

Our Tanoak offers fine aesthetic features as well—a golden or reddish color and lots of interesting figure. Tanoak species naturally offers a lot of variety, so it seems alive with artful color and line. Tanoak also accepts stain well.

Local California Hardwoods
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