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From surfboard skins (1/8"x24") to slabs, we can mill any California hardwood to your specs. Contact us for a quote for your Lumber needs.


Frequently Asked Lumber Questions

What lumber species can you provide?

We mainly have redwood including old growth, Douglas fir, tan oak and walnut. We can also provide bay laurel, big leaf maple, Monterey pine, Ponderosa pine, Monterey cypress, Pacific madrone, coastal live oak, blue gum (red gum in rare cases) and eucalyptus. Ask us about any wood species you are interested in and we can mostly likely supply it.

What wood do you have in stock?

We have hundreds of redwood slabs, 1x6, 2x6, 4x4, 6x6, 8x8 and up to 24”x24” dimensional lumber in stock. Also, we stock walnut table slabs, fir table slabs and Monterey cypress table slabs, with several 55”x14’ long slabs.

Do you have salvaged & reclaimed wood?

Yes, we have many salvaged and reclaimed logs and lumber. We can resaw these logs and dimensional beams, upcycling them for their next home.

How is your sawmill sustainable?

1. We source our local wood from wind fallen, dead, dying or diseased trees and responsible foresting from a single tree to a sustainable timber harvest plan up to 100,000 board feet or more. We can salvage your trees into a finished wood product to give your trees a second upcycled life! 2. Our wood kiln SOL-ELY uses solar power to circulate and run the pumps to dry wood :). We are currently partnered with Dr. Daniel Sanchez at UC Berkeley Department of Environmental Science to build a 100% solar kiln (heat, air circulation and venting). 3. By bringing the mill to the logs through portable milling, it saves on hauling costs and carbon emissions that large trucks produce. 4. We are in the process of getting our lumber LEED certified and FSC certified. 5. In several cases, the entire log is used. We are working on using the entire part of the log as in the past, such as slash, tailings, bark, wood chips and sawdust/wood flour. You might be surprised to learn that wood flour can actually be used for 3D printing projects! We’re excited to partner with Professor Virginia San Fratello at San Jose State University on this initiative. More to come so stay tuned!

How is your lumber artisan and different than the rest?

Our sawmill is dedicated to unlocking the natural beauty of wood and bringing out its unique character in every piece we work with. By choosing our lumber, you can be sure that your finished product will be one-of-a-kind and truly stunning in its natural beauty.

What is wood character?

Wood character refers to the unique aesthetic appeal of wood, including the patterns and textures that are visible on its surface. This can include figuring, burl, and other natural irregularities that make each piece of wood one-of-a-kind.

Do you have highly figured or burl wood?

Yes, we have many woods with unique character, figuring and burl for any type of aesthetic you need.

Do you have a wood kiln in Santa Cruz?

Our solar wood kiln is powered by twelve 450-watt 48-volt solar panels. We have lithium ion phosphate batteries to keep the fans running through the night. The largest slab that we can kiln dry is 24 feet x 6 feet and the total capacity of the wood kiln is 5000 board feet. We also sell both air and kiln dried lumber.

Will you fill a special lumber order?

Certainly. Please call or e-mail to tell us what you need and when you need it. Our phone number is +1 (831) 818-2260.