Walnut, Douglas Fir, Redwood & Eucalyptus.

We can mill wood for your flooring project from Walnut, Douglas Fir, Redwood & Eucalyptus woods. From 1"x3" to 1"x5". Contact us for a quote for your Flooring needs.


Frequently Asked Flooring Questions

What is a recommended light-colored wood?

We offer tanoak which is a light, golden brown wood with occasional natural stain. Its moderate texture has numerous broad rays that give it a conspicuous ray fleck on the radial surface. Thus, Tanoak can yield the conventional straight grain typical of other oaks, or a more patterned image that is as attractive as those found in exotic woods common to Asia, Africa, and South America.

What are the benefits of Tanoak Plank Flooring?

Tanoak is a hard and resistant to abrasion, making it an excellent wood for flooring. It is also a great choice for decorative veneer and high-quality furniture. Tanoak plank flooring is 3" or 5" tongue and groove, so it can be installed using glue and/or nails. Every single piece of the Tanoak is hand-selected, hand-sawn, hand-milled, hand-stacked, and hand-checked.

What is Wood Moulding & Millwork?

Wood Moulding & Millwork refers to the decorative wooden pieces that are used to enhance the aesthetic appeal of homes, offices, and other structures. It includes a wide range of products such as baseboards, crown moulding, chair rails, window casings, door casings, and other decorative trim pieces.

How long does it take wood to dry?

On average it takes 1 year per inch of thickness to air dry. Our kiln can shorten this time after the wood cures to about 20%. Then it's ready for the kiln to be dried to 8-12%. Hardwoods such as oak, walnut and maple take 3-4 months to air dry whereas softwoods such as redwood and fir take 3-4 weeks. Then, about 30 days in the kiln will do the rest.