Air & Kiln Drying

Out of the Woods has facilities for both air and kiln drying.

We air dry our wood for months before slow kiln drying, using a Kotter Dry Kiln. It is a digitally controlled hot water kiln designed to dry hardwoods gently. The maximum temperature is 140 degrees F (temperature hot enough to kill any bugs in the wood)

Air & Kiln Drying

Frequently Asked Air & Kiln Drying Questions

Do you have a wood kiln in Santa Cruz?

Our solar wood kiln is powered by twelve 450-watt 48-volt solar panels. We have lithium ion phosphate batteries to keep the fans running through the night. The largest slab that we can kiln dry is 24 feet x 6 feet and the total capacity of the wood kiln is 5000 board feet. We also sell both air and kiln dried lumber.

How long does it take wood to dry?

On average it takes 1 year per inch of thickness to air dry. Our kiln can shorten this time after the wood cures to about 20%. Then it's ready for the kiln to be dried to 8-12%. Hardwoods such as oak, walnut and maple take 3-4 months to air dry whereas softwoods such as redwood and fir take 3-4 weeks. Then, about 30 days in the kiln will do the rest.