Redwood Seat Wall

This epic redwood bench is so amazing that it has a new definition of a seat wall. Only pictures can describe it!

Milling these benches designed by SWA Group in Sausalito and installed by Architectural Systems, Inc. in Morgan Hill created some new challenges not just for us but our Woodmizer LT70 Portable Sawmill is designed to cut 90 degrees and all the cuts were custom and wider than the mill is designed to cut. After spending a day to get the first piece 24"1/4"x18"x10' with chisel edges we built some jigs to keep the tolerance at 1/16-1/8" over 10'.

Redwood Seat Wall Redwood Seat Wall Redwood Seat Wall

SWA Group, Architectural Systems Inc., Redwood Seat Wall, Redwood Bench, Woodmizer LT70

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