Creek Rescue: a Mobile Milling Saga

Highly figured old growth slabs

JULY 10, 2023

Over two decades ago, an old growth redwood tree captivated the imagination of a young boy, the son of a hardworking strawberry farm worker. This mysterious giant lay dormant on the farmland, nestled within Soquel Creek,  as he climbed it and marveled at its origin and age. 

Little did he know that he would be pulling this beauty up off of the side of the creek in June 2023 as the current owner of the old strawberry farm! With his father, he rented an excavator to delicately unearth the majestic tree from the creek's edge.

We were honored to be part of this extraordinary family story and entrusted with the mobile milling process. And to our delight, the redwood log exceeded all expectations, revealing a grain and figure of unparalleled beauty.

At our sawmill, we approach our craft with utmost care, preserving the innate splendor of the wood we work with—embracing its unique character and rich history. Through mobile milling, we breathe new life into forgotten treasures, paying homage to their significance and creating heirlooms that will transcend generations.

Whether you have a cherished tree of your own or seek meticulously selected lumber, we’d be happy to provide your wood needs. Reach out to us via text or call (831)818-2260. We’d love to share our passion with you and be part of more amazing stories like this!

Creek Rescue: a Mobile Milling Saga Creek Rescue: a Mobile Milling Saga Creek Rescue: a Mobile Milling Saga Creek Rescue: a Mobile Milling Saga

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